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Our Westlake Lions Wrestling team hosted their senior night on January 27th.  Ajani Bacon, David Derixson and Stephen Jackson were recognized! Congratulations to our Westlake High School Seniors!!! Go Lions!

  • AJANI BACON  – his father is Jesse Bacon –  Ajani’s motivational quote is “Success has no ceiling, victory has limits.
    •  He has wrestled for 3 years. After Westlake, Ajani would like to attend Georgia Tech major in Mechanical Engineering.


  • DAVID DERIXSON – His father is Damon Derixson–David’s motivational quote is “Be strong things will get better. It may storm now, but it will never rain forever.”
    • He has wrestled for 2 years. After Westlake, David would like to attend Kennesaw State University and major in Architecture.


  • STEPHEN JACKSON – His parents are – Mary and Wesley  –Stephens’s motivational quote is “Respect isn’t given, it is earned.”
    • He has wrestled for 4 years. After Westlake, Stephen would like to attend college and major in Environmental Engineering.