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Athletic Director Information

Dear Student Athletes and Parent,

Westlake High School recognizes the importance of athletic activities in providing students with important opportunities for a total education. These activities teach students lifetime values such as commitment, discipline, hard work, leadership, teamwork, and physical fitness; all of which are the foundation for academic success. Participation in athletic activities contributes to the physical, as well as emotional and social health of our students. It also promotes a sense of unity and cooperation among athletes, the student body, and the Westlake community.

Our sports teams will always strive to win, but never at the expense of character, healthy attitudes, and good judgment. We will always emphasize respect for coaches, teammates and officials. All Westlake High School athletes should be known for their character and class; humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Our athletic program is designed to develop, promote and provide the following: self-esteem, school spirit and pride, sportsmanship, cooperation, academic excellence, respect, and lifelong wellness. We believe that the sports experience should not only be rewarding but fun.

Westlake High School further recognizes the unique roles and responsibilities of its coaches and parents in sports activities. Coaches’ and parents’ primary roles should be to teach the lifetime values of our sports philosophy and to always lead by example. The Westlake High School athletic program is an integral part of the school and the community. Its impact is immensely important in promoting a positive school climate through the invaluable opportunity for adults to interact with our students in meaningful ways outside the classroom. I look forward to your support and involvement in our athletic program.

Best regards,
Robert E. Wilson, Sr.
Athletic Director